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A conservatorship is a legally established arrangement that gives someone the authority to manage an incapacitated adult’s personal and financial affairs. Conservatorships can be extremely useful for the family members of aging, ill, or disabled adults, allowing them to ensure that their loved one is properly cared for.

While the average Bay Area Probate Department may have one to two judges, they typically administer several thousand conservatorship matters a year. Without proper guidance and support, a petition for conservatorship will face months of heartbreaking delay and may not succeed. At O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP, our San Francisco conservatorship lawyers help families navigate the conservatorship process efficiently and successfully so that they provide a better life for incapacitated loved ones.

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Types of Conservatorships

California recognizes a few different types of conservatorships that grant varying levels of power to the conservator.

In California, you can establish a:

  • Full conservatorship: Gives the conservator full control over the financial and personal care of an adult, often someone with a mental disability or an illness like dementia that leaves them incapable of making decisions on their own
  • Limited conservatorship: Grants someone only limited control over certain decisions on behalf of the conservatee, who is still able to perform many tasks on their own
  • LPS conservatorship: Grants conservatorships specifically for adults diagnosed with a serious mental illness, such as OCD or schizophrenia

The probate court is very stringent about granting conservatorships in order to protect prospective conservatees. A conservatorship is a position of substantial power and courts do not want the legal arrangement to be abused. You will want a skilled San Francisco conservatorship attorney working with you to build a case on your behalf. The team at O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP can present your case effectively to ensure that you are able to make the right choices for your loved ones.

Who Can Be a Conservator?

Quite often, conservatorships are granted to family members – like the siblings or the adult children – of seniors. Close friends also make great conservators.

In some situations, however, friends and family members are unavailable to serve as a conservator. If this is the case, agencies and third-party individuals can serve as a non-family conservator. These include non-profit agencies – such as the Public Guardian here in San Francisco – and paid private professional conservators, also known as private professional fiduciaries.

Conservator Fees

Conservators can request fees for their services from the Court. All requested fees are reviewed by the probate court and granted if they are justified. Conservators may not use their conservatee’s financial resources without a formal court order.

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