Vincent Yu, Attorney, San Francisco Trusts and Estate Attorneys

Vincent Yu

Vincent Yu is an associate attorney at O’Neil & Rueppel, LLP dealing with all aspects of Trust and Estates planning, administration, and litigation. He has worked extensively in the preparation of estate plans for families in the Bay Area, including those with special needs, probate administrations ranging from Sacramento to San Mateo, and litigation involving attorney malpractice, financial elder abuse, undue influence, and fraud. He is also actively seeking to establish and develop a Conservatorship practice within the firm. He studied Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of California, Riverside and graduated in 2009. After taking a year off he attended Whittier Law School and graduated in 2013. 

During his time in undergrad he was a frequent participant and facilitator of interfaith dialogues among the various student and community religious groups. During law school he worked as a mediator and conflict resolution specialist with the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center in Los Angeles, focusing on community, family, and internal small business disputes. His interests include all things martial arts, having taught privately throughout college to the present day, placing special emphasis on traditional sword, staff, and spear work. He is currently collaborating with several established instructors in the county and in Hong Kong in writing a compendium for traditional Chinese martial arts. Vincent is a fantasy and science fiction enthusiast.